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  • Gaurav Maheshwari

    What a wonderful experience with Sagar and Amruta on our kalavanti trek....Am Amazi arrangements, Awesome crowd to hang out witg and the best part you get to do stargazing, and knowing a lot more fun stories These guys have to tell....This is my 2nd trek with them and their's no better offer than their's..... Would surely go wwit them again

  • Darshana Sahare

    It was second time trek with Mumbai trekizens..In first Trek only I was impressed with their management..This time I did toughest most trek AMK which Sagar n Amruta planned so well, now m so much impressed with their secured environment where they have taken all the safety measures n time to time guidance while trekking at all difficult points...truly nature friendly ..😇 again the speciality of this group they never make you felt that you are any stranger , they create such a friendly environment for all ..wanted to continue my trek exploration with this group..Thank you so much Sagar and Amruta🤗🤘😍😇

  • Alak

    Great experience, the guides are really helpful and kind. They provide with great food along the trek too. They are very professional in whatever they do. Recommended.

  • Omkar Jadhav

    Trek to sandhan valley was a great experience overall (although it was quite challenging) . it has trekking, rappelling, water crossing, all of it in a single trek!!! This makes sandhan valley a special place to boost your adrenaline compared to other destinations,need not be necessary that you've to be pro to maneuver the valley , a complete rookie can make it through if you follow the team leaders. The group Mumbai trekizens having the best leaders who become your best pals make it a cake walk for a biggner only if you follow the instructions. Just to let you know the sweat and challenges are frugal compared to the satisfying beauty of the gorge

  • Nitin Gaikwad

    I joined Mumbai Trekizens for Sandhan Valley trek and had memorable experience being trekking, rappelling and rent camping altogether in one single trek. It was wonderfully arranged from stating point itself and any individual either male or female need not to worry about their safety, it's top most priority for the trek leader and 'Tushar' handled all his responsibilities wonderfully. For me it was a refreshing experience and not possible to put it in words. The beautiful memories will remain with me for a long long time. 🙂

  • Abhinav Sing

    I was at Rajmachi Camping and Kondana caves trek (22nd Dec- 23rd Dec 2018). It was a great experience; the trek, the camping site, the food. The sites- caves, lakes, mountain hills where all really beautiful. The experience of making a tent was great. The instructors were a great help and support (Akhilesh and Mahendra), they made sure that nobody was left behind. Especially, being an unfit camper, I have to say, they did not let me feel left out at any point of the 18km trek. Thanks to Mumbai Trekizen Team, for making it a memorable experience for me and my friends.

  • Sumedh Kaul

    Sandhan valley Batch #7 (20th-21st Jan 2k18) A thrilling, adventurous & amazing experience at Sandhan valley with Mumbai trekizens team. Special thanks to Tushar for guiding me each and every step & how to take grip on rocks. Lots of fear factors have now finished. Thank u Mumbai trekizen for making it happen. Looking forward for more such kind of experienc

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